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This is DMCA page for atvnews24.com The content that published in atvnews24.com is totally own by atvnews24.com itself. We have our in-house content creator and we hold the copyrights for all the contents that published in atvnews24.com.

atvnews24.com is following Google DMCA rules. We are requesting for never try to copy our content. If anyone try to copy/duplicate any of our materiel without our prior permission, a complain will be placed against them to DMCA. If anyone wants to publish any of our article, comment, images, video or anything else that belongs to us, then we are requesting to contact with us directly to get our permission.

If we grant the permission, we will send a special Instruction through e-mail for publishing our content in a website, newspaper or anywhere else. For that, please make sure to communicate with us using personal/business e-mail.

If you have any question/query regarding to publish our content or if you saw any of your content published in atvnews24.com without you permission, please do not hesitate to contact with us. Now the question is how to contact with us. Try not to worry as you will find our contact e-mail in our Contact Us page.

Email: dmca@atvnews24.com

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