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May 12, 2022, 9:34 am

The Five Characteristics of the Scientific Research

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Professors and supervisors usually order scientific papers in college but do not always bother to explain the essential features of scholarly work. Thinking about this, I have tried to summarize below the main features of scientific research. Note that in order to do scientific work, one must first have a scientific attitude.

1. Analyze: Scientific research solves well-defined or partial problems and aims at partial solutions. He wants to unravel a whole complex of its simplest elements. Therefore, science begins with partial problems.

2. Objectivity: Scientific knowledge is based on information and seeks to describe and analyze them objectively, regardless of emotional considerations or preconceptions. Experimental data is the raw material of theoretical sources.

3. Theory ligation: In addition to describing information, science supports observation. Researchers formulate hypotheses and hypothesis systems. In other words, the real source of discovery is not the primary information, but the theoretical ligation of assumptions in the form of theory.

4. Communicability: The language of science, subtle and rigorous, aims to convey primarily. It is the responsibility of every scientist to bring the results of his research to the world of science so that they can be verified, confirmed or refuted (if necessary). This is so important that there are certain rules for scientific discourse.

5. Specialization. Analysis of partial and limited problems leads to specialization. Although there is unity in the scientific method, the diversity of strategies has led to relative independence of different sectors.

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