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The Energy of New York City

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If you heard a thing about New York City, you would have heard about its unique energy, buzz, noise and electricity, which pierces in the air. Like all the myths about this city, this energy is present but it is not as expected.

I can tell you that the energy of New York City is different from every other city that I have ever been. Granted, I made progress in every city around the world, but I was around more than one block, and in New York City the energy was as unique as I said.

But this unique energy does not exist everywhere in the city. To experience this magical magnetic field, you need to land in Manhattan City, from approximately 59th Street (from the southern end of Central Park) to union square, 14th Street, north to south and 7 to Broadway, west to east towards. When people talk about the specific energy of New York City, they talk about the emotional burden that you will find in this large scale on the island of the city center.

When you leave this active site, you will be able to cross yourself with many different neighborhoods with your own accent. Two eastern and eastern sides feel different from each other. The villages of East Village and West are different on the one hand due to youthful enthusiasm and on the other side of hunger. They will face the city’s buildings centered around the students surrounding the main campus of New York University. Soho looks different from the South Ferry, and traveling to the island on Broadway will have to face a dramatic change as the Columbia University gives the route to Mexican West Härlem, which paves the way for the Washington Dominican Republic within a few dozen blocks. Does it

With this I only covered a part of Manhattan. Other four districts of the city also see dramatic changes in tone, ethnic identity and active fingerprints. Once you leave the Manhattan Center, you discover that New York City does not feel like just a thing. Based on where you want to go, New York City can feel anywhere and anywhere.

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