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New York The Wonder City

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The synonym of New York is the only statue of liberty. This was a gift from France to the United States on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the American Independence Anniversary. The French saw the United States as a sister nation and saw this statue as an act of giving the French the obscure republican values.

New York is the culmination of 62 cities. These cities have the largest New York City, which includes five counties: Bronx, New York (Manhattan), Kings (Brooklyn), Richmond (Staten Island) and Queens. New York City has a high population density and accounts for nearly a fifth of the state’s population.

New York City has a humid climate and is sometimes classified as a humid sub-tropical climate. Divide the plateau for the long and cold winter season in the state. However, the area near the Hudson Valley is relatively hot in summer but with high humidity. In the rest of New York there is a pleasant summer with less rain.

New York is home to approximately 8,000,000 people, with 92% of the population living in urban areas. New York is the country’s second largest immigration country, where (in 2008) 4.2 million people are fleeing to the state due to its brightness and glow.

New York is a Christian country with predominantly 40% Catholic and 30% Protestant. But with the increase in immigration amounts, many other religions can be found in the state. 8.5% of the Jewish population, 3.5% Muslim, Buddhists 1% and the remaining 13% claim that they are not related to any religion.

New York offers substantial banking, communication and finance opportunities. This city is host to New York Stock Exchange, which is the world’s largest stock exchange. As a result, many large multinational corporations have their offices and centers in the city, which make significant contributions to their economy.

New York is also an education center with many schools and universities. The NYU caters to several primary, intermediate and secondary general education. Many renowned universities are Cornell University in New York State, Columbia University and New York State.

It also supports New York and promotes play on a large scale. The city is home to Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, New York Giants, Yankees and New York Mets.

Therefore it is fitting to say that New York is the right place for the full and comprehensive development of a person’s family. It provides abundant history, beautiful weather and peace of mind. After all, New York is on the occasion of opportunity and if it is beautiful then why not take advantage of it.

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