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How to Have The Best Texas Vacation Ever

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Texas vacations are a thing of beauty and wonder. They harken to a time and place when the territories we traveled through we rugged, and the vistas were nothing less than sprawling & majestic. Hyperbole aside, spending your vacation in the Lone Star State is quite the experience, but as vacations become more prized because of our hectic lives, vacationers are looking to get the most out of their time off.

That said, it isn’t surprising to hear people ask, “Say, we’re spending some time-off in Texas, but rather than just drive around looking for something to happen, what exactly can we do that is quintessentially Texas?” Long question, sure, but the point is that people want to know what makes a Texas so different from anywhere else.

For starters, you want to find a place to call ‘home’ while you’re traveling. It can be really tempting to lodge in a big city & stay at a “big-box” hotel, but you’d be starting your ‘vacay’ in the wrong way! Finding a small town that has proximity to a few larger metropolitan areas should certainly be an option. A perfect example would be the small city of Brenham, TX. It’s not only gorgeous, but you’ll find a fairly long list of quaint bed and breakfasts in, and around, Brenham. Moreover, you’re a relatively short drive from Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and College Station.

We touched on the next point just now, and it has to do with the driving. Texas is known for many things, and one of them happens to be the number of roads in the state. In fact, locals will tell you that you can drive for anywhere from 10-12 hours in one direction and still be in the state. While this may a stretch, it isn’t too far from the truth. You also have to consider that there are stretches between larger cities that are filled with either very small towns or trees & brush. You may be thinking, ‘Hmmm, this Texas vacation experience isn’t sounding too hot.’ Whether it’s killer music or timeless literature, it tends to be based on the travel to a location rather than just the end of the journey. Embracing the open road in Texas, even if only for a short day-drive, is part of what makes Texas travel so open and free.

Finally, don’t be afraid to learn something new about Texas history when you can. Yes, you’re on vacation and trying to forget the world, but you’re also exploring a new place, and part of being able to appreciate where it stands today is understanding its journey from the past. For example, we’d mentioned Brenham, TX earlier. It turns out that it’s situated in Washington County, with Washington-on-the-Brazos standing as the birthplace of Texas. Given the tumultuous history of the state leading up to statehood, this is an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Texas vacations are more just time away from work; they are also worlds away from the hustle and bustle of life. We’ll see you soon!

Whether it’s a day-trip or longer, you’re sure to enjoy the essence of Texas vacations and what they have to offer in Brenham, TX.

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